eBike Safety and Etiquette

eBike Safety & Etiquette

As eBiking has become more popular on Boulder County trails, so have close encounters with cyclist and pedestrians.

Driving an eBike going 20+ MPH is illegal in Boulder with 15 mph speed limit.

eBikes going too fast and not warning others as they approach from behind will result in even more crashes than last year (32 crashes in Boulder in 2022). 

Many eBike rental users are relatively new to cycling and using bike paths. 
They simply do not know or understand the etiquette associated with sharing the bike path with many users,

We’re asking the City of Boulder to:

  • Install signage at eBike stations and trails advising users of local cycling rules & etiquette.

  • Post 15 MPH speed limit signs on trails within city of Boulder

  • Be proactive in protecting all users of the bike paths from getting hurt by negligence of others.

eBike Safety & Etiquette:

Announce – when approaching from behind
            ~~ Ring bell or announce “on your left/right”

     Signal – upcoming turns
                ~~ Left arm/left turns, Right arm/right turns

         (be) Kind – We all share the same path
                  ~~ 15 – 20 MPH Max speed limit on paths

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