Professional Services

We specialize in producing super creative, affordable videos that combine your brand story/background, brief mention about services and video testimonials from existing clients.

The world is going to video so get onboard now… 

By 2030, when someone searches for a local professional service provider in your category on Google, over 50% of those links will go to pages with videos, not text-based pages.

Now is the time to start building your video inventory and allow Google to index that on your website before your competitors start doing it.

Google and Google My Business reward websites’ organic rankings for websites that have videos because people stay on the page longer and it allows them to potentially sell more advertising.

We can help create a simple 20-40 second video that will incorporate your passion for the business, Brand story (i.e. why you started the business) and testimonials from clients.

Tad Smith Health Insurance – Professional Services Video Ad

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