eCommerce Services to Help Drive Your
Direct-to-Consumer Sales

Online sales now account for almost 20% of all purchases. That’s up from 7% in 2015 and projected to continue to grow rapidly as consumer buying habits have almost permanently shifted since the Pandemic’s impact.

The competition for the online buyers attention for your brand’s products has increased exponentially over the last 2 years. Most platforms like Amazon and are now based on a “pay to play” selling process. If you don’t advertise on those platforms, your product will not be shown by their respective search algorithms. Regardless of how optimized it may be.

Many CPG brands start out with WordPress websites using WooCommerce as the ecommerce plugin. After dealing with faulty plugins, lack of timely response from developers, and inconsistent performance, brands have left WooCommerce to integrate with the Shopify platform.  Shopify is one of the most comprehensive ecommerce platforms for the money…and now has an app integration with for Shopify clients that qualify.

We help brands assess their current ecommerce situation, make recommendations for improving ROI and execute those plans if you desire. Or we’ll work with your current vendors to make it happen. Please reach out today and/or share our site with one of your colleagues that may need a little help.

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