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DTC is here to stay: Online sales now account for almost 20% of all purchases.  That’s up from 7% in 2015 and the percentage is projected to continue to grow.  The consumer buying habit shifts that began in the pandemic are here to stay. By 2030, it’s predicted that over 50% of Google page 1 search results will be links to videos instead of text/articles…

Competition for attention: The competition for the online buyer’s attention has increased exponentially and cost to compete online has increased substantially.   All businesses were forced to focus on ecommerce during the pandemic… all at the same time.
Amazon and are now based on a “pay to play” selling process – if you don’t advertise on those platforms, your product will not show up in their organic search algorithms, regardless of how optimized your product listing may be. 

Video Ads lift online sales in 2022:  Video product/brand ads and Sponsored Brand Video Ads on Amazon engage and convert buyers better and provide a more “human” connection for potential buyers that don’t know your brand yet…  They can lift sales 10-35% and often pay for themselves in short order.   According to Amazon, Sponsored Brand Video Ads convert 2 – 2.5x better and have a 108% better click thru rate (CTR) than other traditional advertising options on the platform.

Bang for your buck:  Many CPG brands (Consumer Packaged Goods) start out with WordPress websites using WooCommerce as the ecommerce plugin. After dealing with faulty plugins, lack of timely response from developers, and inconsistent performance, brands have left WooCommerce to integrate with the Shopify platform.  Shopify is one of the most comprehensive ecommerce platforms for the money. . . and now has an app integration with for Shopify clients that qualify.  We’re a Shopify Plus Partner.

Why choose us?  With extensive natural product industry background, we help brands assess their current ecommerce situation and make recommendations for improving ROI. We can execute those plans for you, or work with your current vendors to make it happen. Please reach out today and/or share our site with a colleague who may need a little help.

Add a simple product/brand video to your Amazon product detail page and you can increase sales 10% on average.  Amazon’s A-9 algorithm loves video content because people stay on the page longer and may click on other ads that they make money on.  It’s like crack for search engines…

Convert 2 – 2.5X better and 108% CTR better than traditional sponsored product or display ads on Amazon. They pay for themselves and are relatively undiscovered on Amazon for now. Amazon’s own stats confirm that this is the best dollar for dollar advertising option when properly managed.

Amazon apple chips product video

Example of Sponsored Brand Video Ad

We also manage Amazon storefronts including optimization of product detail pages, PPC advertising/promotions and recommendations for improving direct to consumer sales.

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