Direct to Consumer Marketing
for Natural Products

Natural food brands are focusing on building direct to consumer sales to help reduce selling costs and increase profitability for their CPG products.

The traditional brick and mortar wholesale channel for emerging natural products is broken and front loaded with heavy duty costs:  retailer margins (35 – 45%), distributor fees (8 – 25%), broker fees (5%), slotting fees, free fills and required ad spend.

Online grocery sales are predicted to capture 20% of total grocery retail market by 2025 to reach $100 billion in consumer sales, (up from 4% in 2016) according to a study by the Food Marketing Institute conducted by Nielsen.  Amazon is the elephant in the room, however, Walmart, Google Shopping, Jet, eBay, Thrive Market and a plethora of eCommerce platforms are fueling the growth.

In addition, wholesale grocery buyers use Amazon to research new products that they are considering carrying to get objective customer feedback and compare competitor costs in that category.  Optimizing an Amazon presence could be one of the best ways for emerging brands to get positioned for expanding their wholesale business.

We work with emerging brands to help improve direct to consumer eCommerce sales by optimizing product listings, managing Amazon PPC advertising and coordinating social media and digital marketing to drive qualified buyers to your product listings.

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