Shopify Support

ReMarkable Foodz is a Shopify Ecommerce Partner with extensive experience developing, redeveloping and marketing ecommerce sites on the Shopify Platform. Shopify’s all-in-one ecommerce tool is one of the fastest growing online ecommerce platforms for brands trying to grow their online sales with an integrated marketing support.

Shopify offers outstanding free customer support which makes it a top choice for “solopreneurs” and small businesses that don’t have in house tech support.

WooCommerce Conversions

Many brands developed their initial ecommerce sites using the WordPress platform with a WooCommerce plug in because it was cheap/free and seemed like the best option at the time. Then spent months wondering why certain plugins failed and never got answers back from developers on how to fix the issues. Then the plug in went down altogether without notice or support. We help food brands make the transition to Shopify painlessly.

Walmart Integrations

Shopify allows brands to connect to the Walmart Marketplace seamlessly through their ecommerce platform. The process to start selling on Walmart Marketplace is very straightforward. Once your products pass the gated approval process, Shopify sellers can connect their store to their new Walmart Seller Account. From there you can connect your entire product catalog to Walmart Marketplace quickly and easily, all from within the Shopify console.

Our team can guide your through the application and approval process and show you how to use your current shipping platform for fulfillment.

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