Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Ads

Sponsored Brand Video Ads (SBVAs) convert 2 – 2.5X better than other ad formats, increasing sales while reducing your Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS).

Video Product Ads Convert Better than Display Ads

Sponsored Brand Video Ads (SBVAs) are performing very well for brands on Amazon. You’ll see them midway down an Amazon search page, as they stretch across the entire width of the page. They include a video/play button plus your  product details from your listing on the right side.

The ads link directly to your product listing and make conversions a snap.

In addition to converting better, Amazon now provides powerful analytics for SBVAs (similar to Google Analytics) that shows:

  • total # views of your ad
  • net # unique views
  • views longer than 5 seconds (indicating strength of  the video)
  • conversion statistics (how many people purchased after viewing)

This Amazon metrics package is unique for Amazon and almost more valuable than the increased sales and reduced ACoS…something you do not get with sponsored product, HSA or display ads currently.

This allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your video ads, when to update them and compare your video performance against other platforms.  Powerful information for any ecommerce marketer…

Now is the time to take advantage of this outstanding advertising opportunity on Amazon… before it becomes mainstream, and all of your key competitors are using them.  We’ll also advise you how to set up these video ads in your current Amazon Seller Central Admin if you need any help…

Please ask about our “Video Ad Packages” for reduced cost/video for multiple videos.

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