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Effective Product/Brand Videos

Tell your brand story in small, bite-sized chunks that are easier for people to digest and share with their friends and social networks.  Text overs encourage buyers to click on the “unmute” button to listen to the video and engage.

Our focus is to make best use of the assets you currently have and create new video content by re-using those assets with a creative, new spin to produce trackable results.

Our process is simple and straight forward – create one video ad in multiple formats (vertical and horizontal) that can be completed in about 2 weeks.

We also shoot new videos completely from scratch with HD footage, music background, text overs, etc.  Please inquire for an estimate. 

(Chef Gerrie – Roasted Pepper Slathers – Product/Brand Video Ad)

2 videos for the price of 1

Product videos allow you to make an authentic, human connection and earn a customer’s trust… all in less than 40 seconds.

By adding text-overs on your video, we help you get your point across and make it easy for users to absorb.

Text-over appeals to users who like to scan quickly for key points or who may be unable to use the audio, due to multi-tasking.

We create 2 separate videos for the price of one:

  1. Amazon version: (horizontal format);  no reference to your website and meets Amazon’s stringent requirements.

  2. Social/Website version – (vertical format); includes URLs to order product from your website at end of the video.

You receive unrestricted use of the source video file in .mp4 or .mov format.

If a picture paints a thousand words, then a video paints a million…

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