Amazon Advertising

Amazon represents one of the best direct-to-consumer opportunities for natural product brands to reach consumers where they like to buy things.  To be candid, Amazon is a pain in the butt to figure out and is constantly changing the ground rules with little to no notice.

Effectively run, brands can drive profitability at an early stage and develop the track record of online sales/reviews that brick-and-mortar retailers will envy when you go after or expand that channel.

We help natural product brands figure out best approach to selling on Amazon Seller Central – FBA, FBM (Merchant fulfilled) or both – and help optimize your product listings to convert visitors into buyers.

We can help manage the digital path for Amazon users to find your products; develop a virtual road map to sell your products effectively utilizing current tactics for Amazon’s A-9 algorithm.

Optimization - Products / Storefronts

Develop ‘Amazon specific’ brand strategy.

Create Keywords/Search Terms/Competitors snapshot reports.

Optimize product listings using new titles, lifestyle/product images, video, Brand Registry, and A+ Content to improve conversions/sales.

Create compelling Amazon storefronts with videos to help tell the brand story.

Generate verified customer reviews to improve products search rankings.

Provide strategies for winning the Buy Box.

Advertising: Sponsored Products/Display/HSA management

Setup, create and manage auto, manual and headline ads; create promos, coupons, Deals of the Day specials

Develop Video Ads that are complaint with Amazon’s rigid standards.

Provide Keywords/Search Terms and Negative Keywords reports.

Weekly/Monthly management of targeted ad campaigns to drive traffic/sales and reduce TACoS.

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