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In light of the recent passing of our brother and friend Jim Schewe,  We will honor his life with photos, stories and good memories of the “Squeak the Deek from Watervelit”

I have been reading all the emails, tributes, and stories regarding our brother and good friend “Jimbo” Schewe. I have been too shocked to really sit down and share, but I have had time to reflect and think about the awesome and funny times I have had with Jimbo.

I enjoyed chanting fist-fist-fist, as Schewe engulfed it into his mouth, or tongue-tongue-tongue as his tongue shot out of his mouth and massaged his nose.

I enjoyed all the women moaning as his tongue flicked up and down as it massaged his nose. Once he drew the crowds in with these masterful tricks, he owned them as he poked fun of all his good friends, to the delight of all.

It was easy to be friends with Jimbo, as his smile and laugh brightened up the environment we all found ourselves interacting within.

Memorable moments I recall I shared with Jimbo include:

  • White water rafting up in Canada where it was rather chilly so we all wore wool hats. As we approached multiple sets of whitewater, Jimbo would turn to everyone in the boat and yell “hat check” as we all pulled our hats down so we would not lose them as the waves tumbled into us during the run through the whitewater. This went on for two days, about 10 times a day, and by the 2nd day, the guide would hold off running through the white water until the cry from the bow of the raft yelled “Hat check”.

  • Jimbo would come visit me and Charlie Boon down on Long Island where we played in a couple of softball leagues in hopes of continuing the legacy of TAU championship softball. I know it might surprise you but Schewe took over the field with his antics. He had the umpire and the opposing players totally non focused as he shouted out comments, opinions, and jokes about the umpire’s lack of ability, the opposing teams’ shortcomings, as well as their choice of women they brought to the game. Our team was subjected to the same abuse shouted out by Jimbo, and the only ones not affected by his behavior were Charlie and myself, because we had heard it all.

  • I spent many years with Schewe along with other housemates at the Jersey Shore in Manasquan. There wasn’t a bar around that didn’t recognize Schewe and his entourage, the moment we all walked in. Schewe coined the term “sphere of Influence” at the Parker house where we took over an area of the bar, and only allowed the “pretty foxes” to enter so they could order their drinks, tip the bartender, (Schewe demanded that and became the bartender’s favorite person) and let the women decide if it was worth hanging out with us low Lifes.

  • And one ironic story… Josh, who is my nephew, and Jessie were married by Jessie’s Uncle Jim Wilde, who turned out to be very good friends with Donna and Schewe. I saw them on a Facebook page and we all had a good laugh about how small the world really is.

Thank you all for sharing thoughts about Jimbo. Unfortunately, we are at that age in the “circle of life” where death will be something we are going to share with each other, and not just something we read about. Live your life with gusto, share it with others, and let people know how you feel about them while all are here, so we can smile and appreciate each other in the now.

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