Video Ads – Original

Product Videos & Video ads are on fire because they are user friendly and people don’t have to read as much.

On Amazon, Product Videos and Sponsored Brand Video Ads mean more sales. Period.

Effective sponsored brand video ads convert 2 – 2.5 times better than sponsored product or display ads.

And Amazon provides a dashboard for user stats on views, unique views, video views for over 5 seconds and lots more.

Tell your brand story in bite-sized chunks that are easier to digest and encourage buyers to click on. 

Our focus is to make best use of the assets you currently have and create new video content by re-using those assets with a creative, new spin to produce trackable results.

Here’s our process in a nutshell that takes about 2 weeks:

  • AUDIT your current digital assets – existing videos and photos.

  • PRODUCE the video – write the script and shoot the main video/audio track focusing on you and your brand story. 

  • COMBINE them with our high-definition video and background music libraries.

  • TEXTOVERS added to reinforce key selling points (in case audio is turned off)

  • MIX it all together to create compelling, short Amazon product videos that can be used in video ads.

Product videos allow you to really make an authentic, human connection and earn a customer’s trust… all in less than 45 seconds.

We create 2 separate videos for the price of one:

1) One for
(that has no reference to your website and meets their stringent requirements)

2) One for your website, social channels and YouTube (that includes URLs to order).

You receive complete, unrestricted use of the source video file in .mp4 or .mov format. 

Many people searching the web don’t really like to read anything other than text-overs on videos that catch their eyes.  

By 2030, it’s predicted that over 50% of Google page 1 search results will be links to videos instead of text/articles…

If a picture paints a thousand words, then a video paints a million…

Ask about our video product ad packages!

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